In seconds scientists can now encode 1 Zetabyte of data in 1 gram of human DNA

This is the kind of stuff that just blows my mind 🙂 Scientists at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ireland have discovered a way to encode 1 zetabyte (1e+12 gigabytes) of data in […] Read More

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Unimus makes config backups, auditing, and multi-level access easy

I wanted to take a minute to promote a tool I’ve found great value in: Unimus. Unimus is a vendor agnostic config backup tool that can also be used for config auditing and control. They […] Read More

Intel Chip Broken
Intel AMT Security Issue Lets Attackers Bypass BIOS and BitLocker Passwords

“An F-Secure security researcher has found a way to use Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to bypass BIOS passwords, BitLocker credentials, and TPM pins and gain access to previously-secured corporate computers. Only laptops and computers […] Read More

Mozilla has confirmed web-based attack vector for Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs

“Our internal experiments confirm that it is possible to use similar techniques from Web content to read private information between different origins,” said Luke Wagner, a software engineer with the Mozilla Foundation. from: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/mozilla-confirms-web-based-execution-vector-for-meltdown-and-spectre-attacks/

reddit – Meltdown & Spectre CPU security vulnerability megathread

Meltdown & Spectre Megathread from sysadmin (Click on the link above for more.)

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Phoronix benchmarks from intel security bug fix testing look… terrifying.

https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-415-x86pti&num=2 🙁

Intel Chip Broken
The Register reports: “‘Kernel memory leaking’ Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign”

A security design flaw in Intel x86 chips may force users to sacrifice up to 33% of performance to mitigate the issue. More testing is required, and more info can be found with technical details […] Read More

IPv6 Ready
… and now we’re ipv6 ready :)

Another notch on the belt this week!

letsencrypt and SSL now forced on all site access

Huzzah! 🙂 That was a bit more of a pain than I thought, but letsencrypt SSL/TSL and cloudflare is now enforced site wide. Let me know via slack, twitter, linkedin, or email if anybody has […] Read More

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Password management sucks? Lasspass makes it suck far, far less.

Now that 2018 is in full swing, I decided it was way past time to do something about my horrible password management practices.  I try not to reuse passwords.  I try to use complicated strings.  […] Read More

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CloudHealth Technology eBook – Reduce AWS Spending

CloudHealth Technologies has released a valuable eBook called “10 Best Practices For Reducing Spending in AWS”, which I highly advise anyone interested in moving to cloud take a look at first. To really take advantage […] Read More

Serious nonce flaw in WPA2 authentication portion of WiFi protocol

Basic info here: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/severe-flaw-in-wpa2-protocol-leaves-wi-fi-traffic-open-to-eavesdropping/ More info released tomorrow morning @ the ACM conference in Dallas.

Slack link fixed!

Apologies to those of you who had been trying to get in to the slack link over the last few days. I regenerated a new link that shouldn’t expire now. Sorry! 🙂

Cumulus Networks free O’Reilly book: BGP in the Data Center

(Edit: You’ll have to open the blog post to see the links. Sorry!) Jeremy Austin sent me a note in our slack chat today about this free O’Reilly Media eBook by Dinesh Dutt. It’s a […] Read More

If you want to be productive at work, don’t forget about PEOPLE

I’m a very “Point A to Point B” kind of person. It’s partially in my nature, and partially due to my time in the military. I want to have results so I can move onto […] Read More